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Subsea umbilicals and cables serve various critical functions within the defence sector. Some of the main applications include:

  • Undersea Mine Detection and Neutralisation: Subsea cables are employed in systems designed to detect, locate, and neutralise underwater mines. They assist in mine hunting operations to ensure safe passage for naval vessels and maritime activities.
  • Submarine Warfare Systems: Subsea umbilicals and cables are essential components for underwater warfare systems, including torpedo systems, enabling data transfer, control, and power supply.
  • Underwater Communication Systems: Subsea cables are vital for transmitting secure communication signals between naval bases, submarines, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), and other defence assets. They facilitate real-time data exchange, enabling effective command and control operations.
  • Sonar Systems: Subsea cables are integral to sonar technology, used for underwater detection, navigation, and communication. They help in identifying potential threats, tracking enemy submarines, and maintaining situational awareness.
  • Remote Sensing and Surveillance: Subsea umbilicals and cables support various sensor systems, including those for surveillance, monitoring, and intelligence gathering. These systems can detect underwater movements, monitor environmental conditions, and provide critical information for defence operations.
  • Power Transmission: They facilitate the supply of power to underwater equipment, sensors, and vehicles. This is crucial for maintaining the functionality of various defence systems deployed in the sea.
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs): Subsea cables are used to control and communicate with UUVs, which play a significant role in reconnaissance, mine detection, and other defence-related tasks.
  • Seabed Monitoring and Infrastructure: These cables also aid in monitoring the seabed for security purposes and maintaining infrastructure like defence-related underwater installations and observatories.
  • Deep-sea Research and Development: In addition to defence applications, subsea cables are used for scientific research in deep-sea environments, including oceanographic studies that might have implications for defence purposes.

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