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Umbilical specialists

Umbilicals provide a connection between two points – for our customers they’re usually used for connecting underwater equipment to the surface.

They can be designed with almost any combination of cables and hoses to provide a range of services, including power, data, video, communication, water, air, chemicals, hydraulics, pneumatics and more.

Our umbilicals are designed to be deployed in challenging subsea environments, where they might be subjected to strong tides, high winds, waves, salt, chemicals, extreme temperature changes, abrasion, sunlight, ice, snow… the list goes on.


Fibron umbilicals

For this reason we have developed a range of highly effective protective measures, including braids, sheaths and armouring.

Our experienced designers will take the time to understand how and where the umbilical will be used, and will then specify the best combination of protective layers to provide the necessary strength and durability.

Fibron Umbilicals are suitable for use in many different market sectors, including offshore energy, offshore renewables, remotely operated vehicles, diving, defence, offshore wind, deep ocean research, seismic data acquisition, aquaculture, hull cleaning and aerospace.

Here to help

If you need an umbilical or cable and can’t immediately see what you’re looking for, please do get in touch. Most of our work is bespoke to the needs of a particular project, so we can’t show all of our capabilities on our website. As experts in our field, if you need a cable or umbilical, particularly for use in a challenging environment like offshore, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to help.